project: xenakis your tangible project

The team

We are a team of six developers from the University of Augsburg in Germany. All six of us are members of the software engineering course.

The idea of this project was born during a soft skill seminar at the Chiemsee and evolved during the sommer term 2007. After a few months of hard work, we proudly presented the first version of xenakis at the OpenLabParty. We have big plans in the future for the tangible framework and xenakis, too. See our developer site for the most recent activities.

Here are a few short words to every member and his responsibility in our team:
  • Philipp P÷tzl - integration developer
  • Kai Linde - graphical interface
  • Max Meier - sequencer
  • Bettina Conradi - sequencer
  • Peter Lachenmaier - hardware
  • Markus Bischof - graphical interface


Get in touch: Kai Linde

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