project: xenakis your tangible project


Xenakis is a multi-user instrument to stochastically create music with a tangible interface. You can control the played instruments, their rhythmic and notes by moving physical objects on a luminous table surface.

The Table

To display a comuter image on a surface, we placed a customary projector under the table and used a mirror to redirect the projected picture to the diffusing bottom of the glass table top. As shown camera image is taken with infrared light to eliminate the projected image in the camera shots.

The Application

The Application is designed to provide a simple and easily accessible interface to a complex automatic composition technique. It has only three different types of controls for rhythmic elements, tone pitches and instruments.

The application’s highly interactive way of composition generates notes from a musical model without using a fixed set of prepared patterns.

We focused on creating an algorithmic composition tool, which does not play sound directly, but generates a stream of MIDI notes driven by a probability model that can be built and modified dynamically while playing.

© xenakis 2007 | Design: Kai Linde